Bill Gates Says AI Will Kill Us All

Bill Gates has warned that computers could spell the end of humanity. That's a bit rich. He's the guy that made us have one in every home. That's like being warmed of the electric grill armageddon by George Foreman.

Bill, as I call him, said that artificial intelligence (or AI as I call it) could pose a serious threat to humanity. He's right. If we make machines that do everything for us you can't blame them for wiping us all out so they get a day off. I know I would.

When we make a computer to do a job for us we lose that skill. I remember the day when we could all remember the phone numbers of people we knew. Not anymore. If you lose your phone and that person doesn't message you that's it, you have to make a new friend. It won't be long till humanity has to look up 999 in our contacts. That's when the computers will strike; we notice the robo-attack but don't know who to call about it.

When asked about his views on the AI threat Mr Gates said: "I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence."

Of course he is, because intelligence is his thing. When machines started taking the jobs of the people who worked in the cotton mills those people weren't happy. Now the machines are getting clever the nerds are starting to panic. You wait till the sex workers hear about the Fleshlight.

Technology will develop though, there's no point hoping that we'll go back to doing everything manually. The only way to guard against this is to have computers that are fallible, that break, need our help, need resetting often and go out of date quickly. We need machines that run on Windows. Oh, well played, clever Bill.

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