Mum Rips Off Daughter-In-Law's Nipple

nipple ringAn odd story from New Mexico. A 30-year-old woman had her nipple torn off in a row with her 44-year-old mother–in-law.

I'm guessing the mother-in-law won the row?

The mother and son began to row at their home when the daughter-in-law stepped in; "leave it Terry, she's not worth it," stuff like that. So the mum grabs the wife by the nip and pulls. Ouch! What did she think would happen, as the nip went back in the wife would talk like an Action Man doll?

I know things probably get a bit snappy round you house when the in-laws visit but no one goes straight for the purple nurple. That's out of order.

And let's be honest, the son doesn't want to go near a nipple later on and think, "Is that mum's fingerprint?"

After the fight the younger woman felt wetness on her top so she lifted her jumper and her right nipple fell out.

Have you ever had a row where you lost even though you're sure you started out with a couple of good points...

Still, the mother-in-law was embarrassed. I bet she felt a right ti... nah, too easy.

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