World Cup Update

World Cup UpdateA few weeks after we lost the chance to host the World Cup and the irony is lovely. All the people who were upset that we wouldn't get to have the international footballing tournament in the UK have gone back to moaning about all the foreigners who keep coming over here.

Just when the dust has nearly settled Sepp Blatter had to pipe up. He called the UK bad losers and said he was shocked by all the moaning we did.

Really? Has he ever met us before? Moaning is what we do, we're great at it. We moan when we don't get to host the World cup and we moan when we do get to host the Olympics. We moan. It's as simple as that.

I'd say we're probably the second best moaners in the world. We won't be the best because we're not that lucky. Someone would come along and beat us. See, I'm doing it again. We're naturals!

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