The Royal Honeymoon

The Daily Mail tells us: "£4,000 A Night Honeymoon."

That doesn't seem so expensive. Wayne Rooney would spend £1,200 a night before he's even paid for the room.

It must be difficult for them. Most people will a balding Englishman and his posh brunette partner and instantly think, "It's Kirstie and Phil doing their Vacation, Vacation Vacation show."

So, while the Daily Mail is saying that the new royal couple are spending 4-grand a night on their honeymoon, we also hear that they're only having a couple of days away.

How bad is this recession that even our monarchy can't afford 10k on a holiday? Maybe they should sell off old thing that they don't use any more. Something that the Americans like and no one over here will miss. You know, just like they did with Fergie.


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