Cowell's Back... Well, His Front Actually

simon cowellFront page of the Daily Mail is border-line porn. It's a celebrity with a low-cut top revealing way too much of their chest, just as some paparazzi cameraman takes a crafty picture.

Yup, Simon Cowell got his moobs out for the lads.

I always wondered why men wear ties. Now I think I know.

Simon is back for the Britain's Got Talent live semi-finals and he is going all out trying to get publicity. Why, he'd even give the short off his back. He's half way there already.

Cowell took to the stage mere hours after it was confirmed that Cheryl Cole star would not be a judge on this year's UK X Factor after being sacked from the U.S. version too.

But in his defence, big white smile, massive cleavage... what did Cheryl offer that Simon can't do himself? And there is a recession on.

Given that Cheryl was sacked from the American version, Dec didn't help matters by asking, "Can you understand my accent Simon?"

Although the fact that Simon said, "Erm... 7:30?" didn't really prove his point.

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