Royal Wedding Party Update

The Sunday Mirror has details of what happened at the late night palace party following the royal wedding.

Harry got emotional. Well, that happens when you're drunk. It doesn't matter how emotional he got, as long as he didn't dress up in his favourite 'uniform' and try to invade Poland, it was a good party.

The paper also says William only danced with his new bride for 30 seconds. They say you can tell what a man is like in bed by the way he dances, so that's bad news for Kate.

Although they must have a good sex life really. You don't get hair like William has without the friction from a headboard playing a roll.

And the newspaper says they were having Crack Babies till 3 in the morning.

That's the one thing Wills and Harry have in common with the people who go on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Well, that and the fact they could really use a DNA test.


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