Imogen Thomas Super-Injuncted

Poor old Imogen Thomas. She is the woman who had an affair with a footballer and when they split he took out a super injunction so she couldn't sell her story.

What! How is she supposed to make any money then? She put the time in, sleeping with someone who graces the back pages, so when does she get paid for it?

Not that I'm saying people who sleep with married footballers try to sell their story. *coughs - Wayne Rooney - coughs*

And not that I am saying she is the kind of person who tries to get famous for doing nothing. *coughs - she was on Big Brother - coughs*

In some ways you feel sorry for her. The only other person who's famous for a super injunction is Andrew Marr. Some people who only skim the news might think she slept with him. Ouch.

And she has been looking for sympathy. She was on This Morning crying a while back, and now in her interview with Zoo Magazine Imogen said: "I've taken a lot of abuse. I've been called a whore, a sl*g, everything."

Well, that's what some footballers say when you're in bed with them.

But I don't want you to worry too much. Yes, she can't sell her story about her six month affair with a married Premiership star, but it's OK. She's been selling her story about how unfair it is that she was hit with the super injunction. Sorted!

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