Pippa Middleton's Pant Problem

The Middleton family have taken action to have pictures of Pippa Middleton in her undwerwear withdrawn after the racy photos of her appeared in the US press this week.

Thank god it wasn't Kate's pants who were shown in the papers, or loads of kids in the Far East would have to knock up copies of those, and they've only just finished doing the dress.

The Middletons were reportedly 'furious' at the 'betrayal' of friends who had taken the pictures, then sold them to photographic agencies.

Hang on. Forget being upset by friends selling the photos, why are friends taking pictures of your kids in their pants? That's wrong. You can tell your daughter is all grown up when friends actually want to sit through pictures of her bath time.

Poor old Pippa. She was propelled to stardom by her role as maid of honour as Kate married Prince William, and by the figure-hugging dress that made her bottom a Facebook hit.

I'm sorry, but if you can become a friend of someone's bottom on Facebook it shouldn't be called Facebook. That's not a face. It looks like it's smiling but it's not a face.

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