Cheese Rolling - Cheese-Stick It To the Man!

Cheese rollingIt's the time of year when people in the South West normally throw themselves down a hill after a piece of cheese. If someone told them that you can also get cheese in shops they'd be so much happier.

But it is something of a tradition. It makes throwing a goat off a Spanish tower seem like a sensible idea, but you can't mess with tradition. Or can you?

The health and safety people stepped in and said that the event couldn't go ahead. What, just because some people break limbs all of a sudden it's not safe? Tut. It's political correctness gone mad. Or, 'political correctness gone sanity-limited', as it the politically correct way of saying it.

But hundreds of thrill-seekers have flouted the health and safety rules to take part in an ‘unofficial’ cheese rolling contest.

Yeah. Stick it to the man!

I was on radio on the Bank Holiday so I offered the chance to show the health and safety people that we don't care about their rules, but doing cheese rolling live on air. Have a listen below...

Or listen here

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