Ryanair Wants To Fly In The Ash

The i reports how Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary still wants to fly his planes in the dust cloud.

That's what I like about Ryanair, they're always trying to cut costs by stripping things away, and now they've taken basic safety. "Ah, will ya be wanting safety with your flight? Right so, that'll be extra, so it is."

He has claimed a test flight his company carried out proves the 'red zone' of high ash concentration was 'non-existent, mythical and a misguided invention'.

Just because you can do something once and get away with it doesn't mean you'll always be safe. Or many Roman Catholic families would have fewer children.

It's all the fault of those pesky Icelanders again. They Grimsvotn volcano erupted and the ash is causing us problems. It's not the first time something like this has happened and let's not forget Iceland also just decided they didn't want to repay all the money they owed us. After we put up with all their s**t and they still didn't give us 12 points in the Eurovision.

Planes have been grounded because of the ash cloud but Ryanair said it was time to resume normal services after its one hour flight at 41,000ft over Scotland revealed 'no evidence' of ash on the airframe, wings or engines.

I love that we check the sky above Scotland for any traces of dust. It's like pay back for what Aggie MacKenzie from Kim and Aggie has done to us.

But the Civil Aviation Authority said the Ryanair plane had not in fact flown into the 'red zone' after its flight path was studied on radar.

No, it flew somewhere that was miles away and you had to take a 3 hour coach ride to actually get to the red zone. It is Ryanair after all.

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