Barbecue-rack Obama

Good news. It seems that our special relationship with America now includes popping round for a barbecue. That's good. Before we weren't sure if we were that close. We thought it was all about work and they didn't want to hang out in their spare time. Maybe this relationship is special after all.

The Obamas attended a barbecue at Number 10 Downing Street, and it really showed up the power differences.

It was Barack and David Cameron who had the job of cooking the meat while the wives were left in charge of the salad. And Nick Clegg played on the swings.

That is so typically sexist, though. The men are the hunters and the women are the gatherers. There's something about a barbecue that brings out the caveman in the men. "Me man, me cook meat. You wo-man, you do veg, until I no cook sausages properly, than you turn on oven and fix!"

If Waitrose did a wilder beast steak we'd buy them to make the barbecues even more manly.

I don't know why men think it's more mainly to do the meat. While the woman are skilfully using knives the men were staring longingly at a small round sausage. That's not so butch.

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