No To AV

The Guardian says "No to AV..."

It's a shame because the Guardian liked AV. It was one thing in the news they couldn't spell wrong.

They say it was an "Overwhelming 'no' vote in AV referendum."

I was hoping for a 'Yes' after what David Cameron said. He said that AV was more complicated that the first post the post system. Good. I think voting should be complicated to stop stupid people having a say.

With the AV system you'd put numbers in boxes to order your preferences. I think that should be linked into a Su Doku. If you can fill it in you can get to have a say in the running of the country.

It makes it a bad day for Nick Clegg. Not only was the change to AV rejected but the Lib Dems didn't do well in the local elections. They get about as many votes as a Britain's Got Talent contestant who hasn't had a recent death in the family.

The Guardian also says it's a 'yes' to trouble after the SNP won overall control of the Scottish parliament. Why is that trouble? It's good that they could have a referendum on independence for Scotland.

The only thing I think isn't fair is that it's only the Scottish who'd get to vote in it. Why don't they ask the rest of the UK? Ask us if we want to vote them off the island.


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