Breast Milk Cheese

New Yorkers sample breast milk cheesePeople in New York can try breast milk cheese. It sounds more like a medical condition than a foodstuff but they're selling it at a New York gallery.

The Lady Cheese Shop is a temporary art installation by Miriam Simun, a graduate student at New York University who hopes to use the craft of cheese-making to raise questions about the ethics of modern biotechnologies.

So it's more of an art thing than an actual eatery. That's why we were told not to play with our food, it ends up like this.

Simun said: "Cheese is the conversation starter. Some people are loving it, and some people are gagging."

I know it's fine but it makes me feel a little queasy. It's made from milk from other humans. It's like a vegan version of cannibalism.

Why are we seeing this fascination with breast milk? It's not just the NY Man Cheese, there's a place in London that sells ice cream made from human milk.

How long till this craze goes too far and a private IVF company brings out the human omelette?

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