Rooney Fights Fan

Today on the front page of The Star it's:

"Furious Rooney Threatens To Knock Out Fan"

Really? This is news? He only threatened to knock him out. Let's remember what Ashley Cole did. If no one gets actually shot it's not news.

This is because Wayne Rooney got into a war of words with a fellow Twitter user.

Of all of the different types of wars, one based on words seems like the war he has the least ammunition for. Now, a war of keepy-uppy, that's something he could do.

It was an odd Twitter back and forth. Wayne actually told his adversary that he would have him "asleep within 10 seconds".

Is that a threat of a fight or is he taking him to a Kevin Costner film.

In Rooney's defence this nutter of a fan called him a "fat whore" on Twitter.

There is no need for that. Wayne is not fat!

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