Cheryl Cole Is Ex-X Factor Judge

Cheryl Cole sackedCheryl Cole has been sacked from the American version of the X Factor...

...because she's worth it.

They took her off the show because of fears the Americans wouldn't understand her Geordie accent.

Hang on, if we're banning things because some Americans won't understand it, they'll need to get rid of good spelling. Maybe that's why it's called X Factor, it's like some of their signatures.

To be honest, there were many times when I didn't understand her on the British version, but every reality TV show needs a Geordie. If it's not Cheryl on X Factor it's Ant and Dec on Britain's Got Talent. You need someone who, when they say the word 'country', should have to be bleeped.

In a interview before the show started (see below) she said "I'm always uncomfortable with the word 'judge'."

That's a shame, as it was one of the few words people understood.

She added: "I don't want to be 'judging' them."

Well, looks like you've got your wish.

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