Carole Caplin Denies Sex With Tony Blair

Today in the Telegraph - "Carole Caplin: I didn't sleep with Tony Blair"

Good. Neither did I, and where's my free publicity because of it?

This is the "lifestyle guru" Carole Caplin who has denied having sex with Tony Blair after giving him a massage.

It was awkward, drawn out and there was no happy finish? Sounds just like his war in Iraq.

Miss Caplin insisted that she was not "some sort of sexpot or randy masseuse" and had not engaged in any "hanky-panky" when she gave massages to the former Prime Minister.

He didn't look like the kind of PM who would receive sexual pleasure after a massage. Gordon Brown, however, looked like he was getting touched every time he spoke. It was that jaw thing he did; it looked like he was near the end.

Miss Caplin made her extraordinary denials during libel proceedings against a newspaper in the High Court in London. She is taking legal action over an article that questioned whether she was planning to "blow the lid on Tony and Cherie Blair's sex secrets".

Good. I really don't want to know any sex secrets of the Blairs. This could be the only case of someone, who isn't linked to the story, takes out a super injunction.

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