Gaga Over Elton's Kid

It's worth remembering that other things are going off in the world today. Lady Gaga is in the news. She has spoken of her delight at becoming godmother to Sir Elton John's

Meanwhile, he was at the wedding, so he probably doesn't even know about it. She could've said anything she liked, for example, "He takes after Elton... well, he's chubby and he cried a lot."

He picked her as godmother because he said she was just a lovely normal woman. Yep, what's not normal about fake cheeks and wearing an outfit made from Grandma's doilies?

Gaga says she's very honoured to be invited into Elton's family.

Being a godparent is more about the fun these days. You can buy those outfits that are just little versions of grown up clothes and they're so cute. Like you can get a little versions of lumber jack shirts, and little versions of grown up shoes.

Of course, if she's your godmother, you'd get a little version of a dress made of meat.


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