Best Before Dates Are Past Their Sell By Date

Today the Telegraph has: "Best before dates to be taken off shop food"

I, as a man, will miss them. I always considered the "best before" as something of a dare. I have eaten food with best before dates that have brought on nostalgia.

The dates should be scrapped to stop us throwing away millions of tonnes of perfectly edible produce each year. Some of them are pointless. The "best before" date on Stilton is taking the p***. Stilton is the result of gone off milk, left till it is filled with mould and bacteria, and you're telling me its "before before" date? The only date this was best before is a date three weeks before it was technically cheese.

They also put "use before" dates on condoms that are a few years away after the date of purchase. Cheers for the vote of confidence.

Instead of marking food "best before" a certain date, retailers will in future have to produce labels which give details of the health risks associated with individual foods that remain on shelves or in the fridge for a lengthy period before being consumed.

Oh dear. That's even more of a dare. Prawns and eggs, for example, would be more likely, under the new guidelines, to carry detailed warnings of potential risks of food poisoning if they were eaten after a certain date.

That will help me turn my idleness into 'extreme eating'. I know I'll push the boundaries and instead of just having a nice prawn sandwich, I'll end up with cramps, sweats and violence diarrhoea. And if I keep getting those symptoms that "use before" date on the condoms might be more wishful thinking than anything else.

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