Clarkson's Love Deal

Today's Daily Star gives us: "Top Gear Clarkson £1m Love Deal"

This is the story that Jeremy Clarkson has been offered £1million to become the face of an adultery website.

I could understand him being the face of fireplace warning systems but not adultery.

Ashley Madison's online dating service wants Jeremy Clarkson to endorse the website. Would it just be sponsorship or would he do reviews on the site too, like he does on Top Gear? "If this woman were a car, she's have a few miles on the clock, but you certainly have to admire the boot space."

There have been rumours that Clarkson had an affair with single mum Philippa Sage.

Ironic if she got a good stuffing.

I really hope these claims aren't true. I could cope when footballers like John Terry and Peter Crouch were having affairs, they're good looking men. When it was Wayne Rooney, OK he's not great in the face but he must have an athletic body. But Clarkson?

Forget the advert for the adultery website, he's already backing one advertising message, "Should've gone to Specsavers."

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