Royals Are Strangers To Labour

The Palace was accused of being anti-Labour after Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were left off the guest list for the royal wedding.

But that's OK. I don't think many Tories get invited to go on The Jeremy Kyle Show. It's just the way the world goes.

Both surviving former Tory PMs Margaret Thatcher and Sir John Major were invited. Lady Thatcher declined on health grounds... if she lets sunlight hit her she'll turn to ash.

Sir John Major is attending. Oh, so he wasn't busy? Surprise.

While some are saying it's a snub to Mr Blair and Mr Brown, we don't know if they would agree to go. I mean, Tony Blair would probably have gone to the event but only if the money was right.

The defence for this move is that the former Conservative Prime Ministers both belong to the Order of the Garter.

Don't even say that. When William finally undresses his bride in the martial bed, when he sees the garter it shouldn't remind him of Maggie and John. Eeeww!

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