Terrorism Is Made In London

Daily TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph goes with the headline, "London: hub of al-Qaeda's global terrorism network".

That is terrible news. I can't find a bank with a call centre that's based in any part of the UK, yet al-Qaeda can run their training courses over here!

This comes from new Wikileaks files that have revealed London as a centre for the training of terrorists.

Why would they want to do their training over here? Haven't they seen what we do with education? Sooner or later Ofsted will get their teeth into it and exams will get too easy.

But the best thing about the British education system, that I really hope al-Qaeda pick up, is that girls always seem to do better than the boys.

I suppose we should be grateful. At a time when manufacturing is moving the places like China, the finance sector is moving to Japan and the strong pound is killing our tourism, at least we know that terrorism training is still booming.

Actually "booming" is a module of the course in the final year.


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