M1 Motorway Fire

M1 Motorwat FireParts of the M1 motorway have been damaged by a scrapyard fire under one of the bridges.

Look on the bright-side, if they can't repair that part of the carriageway at least they don't have to take it far to scrap it.

For a while they closed the motorway and for most of the weekend they only had one lane open, on the northbound side of the road. How typical is that? I'm not saying Londoners are unsociable but when they open one lane they pick the one to let all the northerners back out, while keeping southbound closed so they don't let any more in.

I understand that Londoners are confused by northerners. We say hello on the Tube but we're not actually mentals. And we try and spend the amount of money a house might actually be worth. But to keep up out is plain offensive.

When you read more about the story it gets worse. Engineers have been working to erect a temporary structure under the bridge to give it the stability necessary to carry the weight of traffic.

So it can carry the weight of people coming from London but it can't carry the weight of people coming from the north? You're saying we northerners are fat!

That Dingle family has a lot to answer for.

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