The Naked Shopper

In court news, a woman got in trouble for walking into an Aberdeen shop naked apart from a sock.

A woman, you say? Because I know where a bloke would wear that sock but I don't quite understand where the sock would go a lassy. Well, I know where it would go but how would it stay there? A velco shoe I could get to stay but a sock...

She was Jennifer Bruce, a 33-year-old who should know better but she got a little tipsy and went into her local Co-op as a dare with most of her bits hanging out.

I blame Tesco. They were the ones who moaned about people wearing pyjamas to go shopping in. Well, she solved that one.

Passers-by, including children, were said to have been left in a state of fear and alarm.

Fear and alarm from seeing her nude. She was only 33. You wait till she hits her fifties. Then they'd have something to worry about. If you just catch a glimpse of her in your peripheral vision you'd think you were being charged by a really tall spaniel.

I think we should all calm down. It was only the naked form, and I would've thought the Co-op is so into its green credentials these days they'd welcome it. I think we should be allowed to go shopping into the nude if we want.

Well, not shopping at DFS. If you're trying our a chair... never mind.

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