Imogen Thomas - Giggs Turned Me Lesbian

The Daily Star gives us: “Sex with Giggs turned me lesbian”.

This is Imogen Thomas showing why Ryan Giggs deserved that super injunction.

She’s saying that after sleeping with Ryan Giggs she never wanted a man again. Now, either that means he was so bad he put her off, or he was so good she thought, “I’m never going to top that. I might as well try something new.”

He must be well known for his sexing. It’s like, if you slept with Gary Lineker, you’d probably never want to have crisps again.

But now we know that Ryan Giggs can turn someone lesbian, as she puts it, it’s a breakthrough for science. For year scientists didn’t know if sexual orientation was affected by nature or nurture. Turns out, it’s all about having the right footballer doing you.

If Ryan Giggs can turn straight women gay he could earn good money. Jude Law’s other halves would hire him to help out with the nannies.


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