How Would You Like To Die

How Would You Like To DieToday’s Telegraph has the headline: “Terminally ill to be asked: how do you want to die?”

You see, that’s the thing about a Tory-led coalition, they’re all about choice.

It’s new guidelines that will come out today that say terminally ill patients are to be asked by their doctors to write down how they want to die.

Great idea. I’d write down, “In a spaceship with a copy of The Guinness Book of Records 2050 next to me.” See if they can make that happen.

On a serious point, it’s actually a good move. It’s a protocol that could stop people suffering needlessly, and is just an extension of the ‘do not resuscitate’ idea.

I already have a badge made that says, “Do Not Resuscitate”. I wear it when I go to see a Kevin Costner film.

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