Swimming (Naked) With Whales

One of the most amazing stories in the news is that of a woman who stripped naked and went swimming with beluga whales.

Tut. The things women will do to make sure they're not the fat one in the group.

36-year-old diver Natalia Avseenko agreed to participate in the experiment designed by Russian scientists to try to tame the shy creatures.

You have got to be pretty confident in your sex appeal if you think stripping off could get a whale interested.

Scientists believe belugas dislike artificial materials such as clothing and diving suits, so they got her to strip totally naked.

I can't believe she fell for it. In the background of the official photos you can see the scientists saying, "We were going to send her to the shops to buy a glass hammer, but this is so much better."

She used her skill as a diver and some yoga breathing techniques to stay in the sub-zero temperature water for more than ten minutes.

Some people have said it was just a publicity stunt and that's why they got a woman to go naked and not a man. They would've got the same pictures either way. Remember, the water was below freezing. At those temperatures a naked man starts to look more like a woman.

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