Just when you thought 3D TV was pretty pointless, Samsung are planning to bring back Smell-o-vision.

Why would you want to be able to smell the TV show you are watching? I like to watch Countryfile but I don't want my front room to smell like dung. If I wanted a from room that smelled of animal poo I'd live with a vegan and pull their finger a lot.

This time it's not just scratch 'n' smell technology (the same thing most BMW drivers do at traffic lights, I've seen ya). Samsung have teamed up with a university to develop a small device to attach to the back of a TV set or mobile phone which would release special smells to match what appears on screen.

That's one way to stop me watching Babestation I guess.

Sungho Jin, a professor at the University of California's San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, said, "For example, if people are eating pizza, the viewer smells pizza coming from a TV or cell phone. And if a beautiful lady walks by, they smell perfume."

And if you watch an Amy Winehouse video you'd do a little bit of sick in your mouth.

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