Abuse Police

Today the Mail gives us the headline: "It Is Not Offence To Abuse Police".

Good! Sting was sh*t! Walking On The Moon goes on too long! De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da My Arse!

But of course, that's not what this story is about (although that doesn't make the above point any less valid).

Police have been banned from arresting foul-mouthed yobs who abuse them with the most offensive swear words in the language.

Well, they are only words. It's basically name-calling. I don't think someone who uses 'sticks and stones' should get let off but the 'names' one gets nicked.

We live in a country where there are too many people in our prisons. They are over-subscribed and they're too expensive... like a TGI Fridays (just with less scum inside). We shouldn't be sending more people to jail just because they did a swear. I don't want to live in a world where Geordies are wrongly imprisoned for saying the would "country".

And besides, if there's no one left to shout swear words at our police where is ITV4 going to get any of it's TV shows from?

OK, I know no one actually goes to prison for swearing. It's more likely to be a fine. It's like a big version of a swear box. Do that near Gordon Ramsay and I can see a way out of this recession. But forget the fines, don't ruin the mental image of prison I get.

PRISONER1: So, what you in for?
PRISONER2: Armed robbery and aggravated assault. You?
PRISONER1: Me? Oh... I'm in for saying, "P*ss flaps!"


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