Spies In Schools To Hunt Fanatics

Spies In Schools To Hunt FanaticsThe Sunday Express has the headline: "Spies In Schools To Hunt Fanatics".

I think those spies will be easy to spot. It doesn't matter how undercover they try to be, you'll know which pupil is the spy. In a class of 6-year-olds, only one has stubble and is 4-foot taller than the rest. My money is on that one.

Secretary Michael Gove plans to send in experts in Islamic extremism to identify dangerous radicals in schools.

Well, again, that shouldn't be tricky to spot the radical extremists in the class room. Look at all the 6-year-olds and the one with the beard is probably the one you're after.

And when you look at the finger painting they've been doing, if one looks like it was done with hooks... you wanna watch him!

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P.S. I like the giveaway on the Sunday Express, "Free Water"... during a drought. Just how many copies of the paper do you think the Lincolnshire farmers will buy?


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