Diet Drinks Make You Fat

Today's Express: Diet Drinks Make You Fat

Regularly consuming diet fizzy drinks will only make you ­fatter, according to new research.

Did this research look at people in places like McDonald's, with their massive cheese burger, super-sized fries, onion rings and apple pie, but with a 'diet' Coke, and they concluded, "Yep, that Coke's making them fat"?

And by the way, anyone who eats McDonald's food with a diet Coke should realise, you're fooling no body. Having a diet Coke after a greasy burger is like befriending someone on Facebook after a one-night-stand. It's too little too late, you know what you did!

The scientists found that artificial sweeteners are thought to be a cause of weight gain by boosting a craving for food.

It certainly puts a different slant on those "Diet Coke Break" ads. Instead of an office full of sexy women gathering by a window to watch a buff workman it would be five chubby women staring at an IT guy till one gets too excites, coughs and sneezes at the same time and slightly wees her pants.

Actually, I think that's already a Dr Peppers ad.

And give it a year or so and it'll be the latest Britney music video.

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