Robbie Williams Injects Sex Hormone

Robbie Williams I inject sex hormone twice a weekToday’s Sun front page has, “Robbie: I inject sex hormone twice a week.”

I thought: “That’s a strange euphemism for it, but well done for the Wednesday/Weekend pattern most couples get into.”

But Robbie Williams actually means he injects a sex hormone. He stabs himself with testosterone. In a sense, it makes him more manly.

He said: "It has changed my life. I feel I'm getting a second wind."

Yep, that makes sense; men seem to get a lot of wind.

The pop superstar has revealed a doctor told him he had the sex drive of a 100-year-old man.

No, no. Wayne Rooney has the sex drive of a 100-year-old man. Well, he has sex with OAP women.

Robbie said: “To cut a long story short I went to get some human growth hormone. It's what all the old fellas are on out there in LA that's making them look 40 instead of 60. It's improving their health, their memory, their hair, skin."

If you did an album like Rude Box would you want something to improve your memory?

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