Man Caught In Toilet

Here's a news that will make you feel normal by comparison.

A peeping tom has been caught of hiding in a portaloo.

Straight away I have no sympathy for him. Anyone who hangs around in toilets is a wrong 'un. The only way he could be lower is if he was charging a pound for a spray of perfume in there.

Apparently he was hiding inside the waste tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival in the United States.

If he liked the smell of waste so much, just go in the rooms where the women were going yoga. The farts should've kept him happy.

30-year-old Luke Irvin Chrisco was caught after an event goer noticed something moving in the toilet. And they thought, "I don't remember eating that!"

So, the woman using the facility asked a male bystander to investigate. He waited outside the toilet until a shirtless, barefoot man with numerous cuts on his back and legs emerged covered in faeces.

He is a sick individual and I hope he goes to prison and gets the help he needs, but I also hope that as he walked out of the loo, covered in blood and turns, he said, "I'd give it a minute."

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