Sir Brucie Gets His Bonus

Brucie Gets His BonusThe Sun's headline is "Nice to Sir You". It's talking about entertainer Bruce Forsyth who has finally been given a knighthood.

It was like a game of chicken. They were trying to leave it has late as possible before giving him his knighthood, but didn't want to leave it so late he died. And the palace blinked first.

If Brucie didn't get one this time I was going to write to him and tell him to fake some chest pains the next time he's on TV, that would've clinched it.

They did well to hold out this long. When I was watching Strictly Come Dancing I wasn't sure he'd make it to the end of each show. There was one bit last year when I saw Brucie's face on the TV and thought it was that Doctor Who episode with the face of Cassandra...

He's been in showbiz for over 70 years and he's only just got what he deserves.

Even though he is a knight of the realm and should be addressed as Sir, he'll always be Brucie to all of his TV fans. And I'm sure he won't be one of those prats who makes people call him 'Sir'! No one likes a self-important knobber like that, do they Alan Sugar?

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