Elen Rivas Saves Bulls

Elen RivasElen Rivas has become the latest model to pose naked for PETA. This time she is part of a campaign to stop bullfighting.

Good, it is a barbaric sport, and not even fair. If they don't ban it they should at least stop the humans having weapons. Then let's see who's the winner.

Stars stripping off has always been one of the most effective ways for animal rights group PETA to grab attention and cause a little controversy.

That's the bit I don't get. The attractive women take their clothes off in these posters to get us to stop hurting animals. But if we stop hurting animals they're stop stripping off. That's hardly motivation.

Get me doing those posters, naked with my white bits glaring, hairy patches on show and flab with the headline: "Stop testing make-up on rabbits or I'll bend over."

We'd have those animals safe in no time.

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