French Flirt For A Living

French Flirt For A LivingA new survey says that one in three French people claim to have had a workplace affair.

One in three? If you're on your own it's not really an affair, it's nipping to the lavs for a fiddle. And while you're doing that imagine what the other two out of the three are getting up to.

I'm amazed that a third of all French workers have had an office fling. When you think about how long their lunch breaks are, when do they find the time to flirt?

Maybe that's why they go on strike so much, it's a chance to hang out with co-workers and mingle. You think candlelight is romantic, wait till you've chatted by the light from a burning lamb lorry.

A third of people flirting is OK, depending on what business they're in. Flirting if you work in an office is fine, flirting if you work in retail is almost expected, but if they work in an STD clinic... "Hi, do you come here often?"

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