Cheryl Speaks

Cheryl ColeToday the Mirror boasts: "Cheryl Speaks".

Yeah, we know she does, but not very clearly. That's why she got sacked, remember.

Poor old Cheryl Cole has had a rough time of it recently. She's been sacked from the US version of the X Factor, then we hear she's not going to be on the UK version, and over the weekend the papers were saying she's getting back together with Ashley Cole.

She is going backwards. Give her another three months and toilet attendants had start to watch their backs.

It was in the News Of The World where it said that Cheryl has moved back in to the £5m marital home she shared with ex-husband Ashley after spending an evening together. A source told the paper, "They were saying what a special night it was. They were mucking about like old times."

Hopefully not too much like old times or he'd be texting his wang to other women all night.

It won't be just like her early days because she says she won't be living the showbiz life as much. According to the Mirror she said: "I haven't had a break for nine years and I'm exhausted from it all. For once now I am going to take some time out."

So, the rest of Girls Aloud were busy were they?


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