Crime Figures May Go Up As Well As Down

Good news, the number of crimes recorded by police fell by 4% to 4.1 million in the last year, figures have shown.

Really? Did the people working on these figures notice the riots last August? Or were they just not reported because everyone in Hackney and Croydon had their phones nicked?

It's not all good news. The number of robberies and thefts went up by 4%. That's according to the number of reported crimes. But the British Crime Survey, which looks at our perception of crime, showed "no statistically significant change".

We're getting robbed more, we just don't seem to notice it.

I suppose when you are getting ripped off by your energy supplier, fleeced when you fill up the car and food inflation robs you of what little you have left, it must be hard to notice any more thefts.

Chief Constable Jon Murphy, the lead for crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said the increase was "driven by a rise in robberies of personal property". Some say this is because of the economic problems. Unemployment and decreasing standards of living are pushing some people into crime. But I'm not worried about it in the long term, I'm an optimist. Crime levels will soon be coming down.

Yep, if this country keeps heading in the same direction pretty soon no one will have anything worth nicking.

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