Andrea McLean Is Ashamed

Andrea McLean Is AshamedIn the Mirror: "Loose Women's Andrea, My marriage is over ..I'm so ashamed."

I don't know about you but when I feel ashamed about something I like to tell a national newspaper about it.

If I feel slightly ashamed of something I hand out flyers in the street and if I'm only the smallest bit ashamed of something I've done I put a card in the Post Office window.

I don't get it. Why do we live in a world where as soon as you have something you should hide you put it out there to try and get some fame from it? If you have a drink problem and you row with the teenage mother of your child, do you try to keep a lid on it or do you take it all onto The Jeremy Kyle Show?

But the best example of this is the TV show Embarrassing Bodies. It's a show for people who have such minged up genitals that for years they have been too embarrassed to take it to their own GP. They couldn't bring themselves to drop their pants in a small private room in the back of a doctor's surgery. So what's their solution? They get their bits out on national TV. "Oh, I'm so ashamed of the state of my giblets. I couldn't possibly show you. What's that? You have a TV camera? In that case have a look at this angry thing."

So what have we learned today? Basically, it's a good job Andrea McLean doesn't have thrush or the front page of the Mirror would be terrible today.


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