New Hybrid Shark Discovered

Scientists say they have found the world's first hybrid sharks in waters off Australia.

So it's partially powered by electric? Interesting. That's good for the environment but not so good for the shark, because it lives in water and we all know what happens when you drop something electrical into water. It's going to look like a lot of salt water fish have been committing suicide.

The actual findings are that a new type of shark - a cross between a the common blacktip shark and the Australian blacktip shark - has been discovered. Scientists say inter-breeding is a sign the animals are adapting to climate change.

That's the bigger worry about this news story. Are they saying that with slightly different weather you start to find closely related animals sexually attractive. The common and Australian blacktip split in the evolutionary ladder quite recently, but if the climate continues to change you could find yourself in a zoo thinking, "Look at the arse on that chimp! I'd buy her some PG Tips."

Scientists say the new hybrid shark could be even stronger than its two ancestors. Come on, let's get some perspective. All that's happened here is that the Australian one has had sex with a common one. We've all done that.

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