Bond Made Nuclear Evil

The president of the Royal Society of Chemistry is blaming James Bond villains for giving nuclear power a bad name.

He may have a point. They've also not done much for the profile of shark tanks. And underground lairs. I tried to buy an underground lair once and it was a nightmare; everyone in the estate agents was looking at me like I was strange.

Prof David Phillips says that Dr No, with his personal nuclear reactor, helped to create a "remorselessly grim" reputation for atomic energy.

And yet Blofeld didn't damage the reputation of cats. A Bond baddie makes us think only crazy people have their own nuclear reactors, and yet having a cat seems fine. It's really not fair. I suppose we all assume Blofeld bought a cat to keep him company because he hadn't settled down and had kids.

Prof Phillips says that when nuclear power is discussed, "it is not at all surprising that the public at home and abroad are sceptical. Fossil fuels have to be eradicated for people to live in a healthy environment. Let's say yes to nuclear and no to Dr No's nonsense."

He makes a good point, but he didn't help his case by saying it after he spun round in a swivel chair.

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