What Do Pandas Eat? Wrong!

Panda's have been in the news a lot recently. From the ones in Edinburgh zoo who the BBC called a Woman of the Year, to the ones whose poo is used to make tea. And here's the latest panda news: a panda has been spotted eating meat.

It wasn't one of the Edinburgh zoo ones. It's easy to think that up their even a wild animal's diet will settle down to fried goods sooner or later.

This was footage of a wild panda in Pingwu County, southwest China's Sichuan Province. It was captured on an infrared camera and shows the bear eating a dead wildebeest it found.

I knew it! I bet there are so many vegetarians like that. They say they don't eat any meat but you know they're sneaking some in. "Oh don't you worry, I'll clear the plates," they'll say, and as soon as that kitchen door is closed they're sucking the marrow out of chicken bones.

Pandas are typically known to eat only bamboo shoots, but according to Chen Youping, deputy director of Forestry Department of Pingwu County, it is not unknown for the beasts to eat meat.

This is terrible. It's ruining the old, "Eats shoots and leaves" joke. What are we meant to say about a panda now, "eats porks and leaves"?

I suppose if you're a fat, idle bear who famously doesn't even muster enough effort to have some sex, you're not going to be great at stalking and hunting pray. I'm amazed they can catch bamboo, it's a fast growing grass.

Basically they can eat meat but they live off veg because they can't be bothered to go and get some.

I would mock them for this but I realise I can eat cooked food but I live off bowls of cereal for a very similar reason.

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