Does Kevin Do It For You?

Researchers say that people called Kevin don't do very well when it comes to online dating. I think those researchers need do check out off-line dating too. They're only scratching the surface of a great discovery.

They found that people using dating websites are less likely to pursue a relationship with someone called Mandy, Justin, Chantal or Kevin, because the names are all associated with troublemaking.

How is Mandy associated with troublemaking? Would Barry Manilow write a song about a woman who was up to no good? If Barry is wrong I don't want to be right.

The study found that Alexanders, Charlottes and Jacobs fare far better. So Kevins are links to troublemaking but Alexanders are chilled. Yeah, because Kevin the Great invaded India in 326 BC.

Surely this is rubbish. At least one Justin is very popular online. You can't log onto Twitter without some pre-teen offering Bieber a chance at prison.

Psychologists at the Humboldt University in Berlin reached the conclusions after testing how often 47,000 dating site members would open messages from English-sounding suitors. Just English-sounding suitors? That's an interesting breakthrough in racist research.

They were sent without pictures - just names, ages and postcodes.
Those from people with "less attractive" first names received significantly fewer clicks.

And what are we meant to do with this information? If you're called Kevin you're called Kevin. They can't be saying you should lie on an online dating profile, are they? Nah, that'll never catch on.

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