Put The Toilet Lid Down

Researchers have found that closing the toilet lid before you flush could prevent the norovirus from spreading.

Make sure you pay attention the wording. "Before you flush", not "before you use the toilet" because I'm fairly sure that would spread the bug more.

Scientists from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust found that leaving the lavatory lid up when you flush the toilet causes a cloud of bacteria to explode into the air and settle on nearby surfaces.

OMG. That's gross. That's it, I am never flushing the loo again. That'll be healthier, right?

The researchers tested a range of hospital toilets to see whether leaving the toilet seat up or down has any impact on the stomach bug spreading. They used a sterilised toilet and created a "diarrhoea effect" in it using stool samples deliberately infected with the superbug C. difficile.

Created a "diarrhoea effect"? Don't let these people take part on the TV show Changing Rooms.

Researchers found when the toilet lid was left open, the superbug was transported 10 inches above and on the toilet seat.

If you spend your time with your face 10 inches away from a flushing toilet you're a perv and you deserve all the C. difficile you get.

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