See The Woman With 15 Kids!

Channel Four features a show about a woman who has 14 children and has another on the way. All she needs to do now is live in a shoe.

It's Sue Radford from Morecambe in Lancashire. She's expecting another child in just a few months, and doesn't rule out still more after that.

After recently watching One Born Every Minute I thought, "Wow. How could she go through the pain of labour 14 times?" But I suppose by now she barely feels it. It must be like the end of the Alton Tower's log flume. If you want to know how baby 15 will feel just drive through the Dartford Tunnel when it's raining.

It's an hour show, so they could probably show the labour in full. If she sneezed it could be sorted in 5 minutes.

Sue said: "It's usually when they're between six and 10 months I begin to think about having another one."

I'm like that with computer games. I get one, play with it for a bit and soon enough I start thinking about getting the next one, when I really should just enjoy the collection I have already built up.

Meanwhile, her husband Noel works 80-hour weeks in the family bakery to support their massive brood – no easy task when an average dinner runs to 18 pork chops and seven kilos of potatoes.

Although, at the same time on TV there's The Biggest Loser and it's on after The Fat Fighters, so it's a night of people who have 18 pork chops and seven kilos of potatoes for tea.

Sue is only 36, had her first child at 14 and therefore has spent virtually the whole of her adult life pregnant.

Tut. The things people will do to get a seat on public transport.

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