Son For Sale

This is a truly shocking story. A Saudi man has put his son up for sale on Facebook.

OMG! Really? Facebook? Hasn't this guy ever heard of eBay? He's as bad as people who use hastags in texts.

Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry is offering a son (one careful owner) for $20million. It seems a little heartless and uncaring until you look at that figure again. He values his son at $20million. Do you have someone in your life who'd value you at that price? I asked and the most any of my friends would ask for for me is about £10 with room to haggle?

He's doing it because the family is facing poverty, he's not just trying to free up some space and make a little cash on the side. But it could be the start of a worrying trend. Sure, it starts with a news story like this and the next thing you know you'll see Carol Vorderman doing "Cash For Sons" adverts on daytime TV.

According to 'Al Sharq' newspaper, Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry took the extreme step when his business of collecting debts and settling disputes had to be shut down following a court ruling. And that's a difficult business to shut down. People get in touch saying you still own them money but you can't settle that debt under the terms of the bankruptcy.

So he decided the only way forward was to sell his son. His only condition for the 'sale' is to know the city where the buyer resides. So people in Coventry, bad luck.

It's difficult to be judgemental because, while it is a cruel thing do to to the son, he's doing it to help the rest of his family. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (That's one of two things I learned from years of watching Star Trek. That and never beam down if it's your first day as a red shirt.)

And actually there are a lot of people having new sons all the time. Isn't it more eco-friendly to have a second-hand one? Do you know how many sons end up in landfill every year? None, but I was making a point.

But I'm not going to defend his actions for three reasons.
1) It is wrong to sell humans.
2) You should treat every member of your family with respect.
3) I have a birthday coming up soon. I really don't want anyone reading this thinking it's a gift hint by me.

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