Cashpoint Thieves Are Feeling The Pinch

They say crime doesn't pay. What they probably mean is crime doesn't pay well, and here's the proof. Authorities say a determined gang of thieves spent six months digging a 100-foot tunnel into a Blockbuster store to steal a cash machine.

The police should've noticed something was suspicious because who goes into a Blockbusters these days?

It's in Levenshulme, England, where police found a tunnel, tools, electric lighting, bags of soil and a ventilation system, that took six months to build. Not only did they have to make the 100-foot tunnel, they also had to make their way thourgh more than 15 inches of concrete to get to the ATM. And what did they get away with? £6,000!

Six months to get £6,000, shared between a gang of them. You know the recession is bad when even criminals will take less than minimum wage.

The cash machine hadn't been filled up since the new year so it didn't have much cash in it.

If they're willing to build a tunnel for just 6-grand, when we catch them we should ask them to work on the new high speed rail project. We could dig through the Cotswolds for much less than the £17billion projected.

Detective Sergeant Ian Shore said: "I would ask that anyone who may have noticed anything unusual around this Blockbuster store, or who may have seen or heard anything they think might help us with our investigation, to get in touch."

I heard some blokes near that Blockbuster's crying and saying something about how it was a total waste of time. I just thought they'd rented the Cuba Gooding Jr version of "The Hit List".

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