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>According to a new survey, nearly a quarter of British men don't change their pants every day. So if you see four men together statistically one of them has smelly pants. It was Ringo wasn't it? Yep, always Ringo.

It seems disgusting but it all depends on how you spin it. When you stay in a hotel they have those signs asking you to reuse dirty towels and say it's to save the environment. So maybe these men might be reusing their pants to help stop global warming.

It's not just men. The same survey tells us that 5% of British woman get at least two days wear out of one pair of knickers. When Barry White sang "Don't go changing," he didn't mean undercrackers.

The research probes further to find out about the British and their cleaning habits. Apparently in married couples women do way more than their fair share of the cleaning. So by not wearing clean undies the blokes are actually just trying to help the missus.

It's a worry. For all you know you could be on public transport sat next to someone who has dirty pants on. Or ever worse, the person sat next to you has clean pants, so the person with dirty pants has had to stand. That means his pant-line is level with your eye-line. Come on world, we have enough to worry about with recession, war and Jedward without having the spectre of someone's bum musk heading into your nose.

I'd just like to say, for the record, that I fall into the majority here. I wear new pants every day. And I change half of my socks every day to. Just the ones I wear on my feet. The way I see it, the ones that just add bulge can go a bit longer.

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