Paul Daniels Chops Off Fingers

File this under "Someone told me this at a gig and I totally didn't believe them till I got home at looked on the web". Paul Daniels has cut his fingers off. Talk about "now you see them, now you don't".

Paul managed to sever a finger and mangle the top of a second with a circular saw.

What he should've done is have his fingers in a little wooden box, so when he went through them with a circular saw he could've pulled them apart, showed us between the two halves and then put them pack together.

But this is a serious injury. Paul is a magician, he works with his hands. A magician losing a finger is like Frankie Cocozza having a blocked nose.

It said in the paper: "Speaking from his home in Berkshire yesterday..."

I assume they called him, not the other way round. Little buttons.

It went on: "...the master illusionist said he feared for his career but he was now on the road to recovery and a planned tour will, naturally, go ahead."

I feel sorry for him for I feel more sorry for Debbie McGee. When the guy sawing you in half only has eight fingers left, it's time to worry.

Surgeons battled to reattach the index finger but were unable to save half of the third finger. So he has a hand still... not a lot, but he has one.


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