Fashion Police

Police officers have been told to stop wearing sexy underwear while on duty.

Now when you see a policeman you'll be thinking he's going commando, and you'll be hoping that's a truncheon you can see.

West Midlands Police have also been told they should not be wearing particularly sexy undies which might get noticed.

I suppose it makes sense. If you get chased, wrestled to the ground and arrested it must be pretty scary. But if you see that the person who is holding you down has some sexy panties on, it reaches a whole new level of fear.

A notice was recently issued which even told them they should avoid having a visible panty line (VPL) and undies should be "inconspicuous" under their uniform. But some officers say they feel like they're being treated as children.

Quite right. Children shouldn't wear sexy pants either. Case closed.

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