Daddy Cameron

David Cameron is now a father again. He'll be spending the next few weeks looking after the little bundle of joy as it lies there, unaware of what is going on around it. Just like his first meetings with Nick Clegg. Just with less crying. David said: "The baby just popped out." Eugh. I know it was his wife's fourth child but let's leave a little to the imagination. It said in the newspaper: "The baby was delivered at noon, by caesarean section, with Mr Cameron present." Caesarean? Ah, he's presiding over more cuts! Actually, that's odd. He said it popped out but it was a caesarean. Did she sneeze at the wrong time? David said: "Samantha woke this morning and thought she was having contractions and it was beginning to get going. So we thought we would come to the hospital, just to get everything checked out. Then things sped up and it all happened very, very quickly and the baby popped out at about 12 o'clock." He added: "My job was to make the toast and tea." Now he knows how Nick Clegg feels.
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